Know your numbers; extend your life.

Participate In A Biometric Screening Or See Your Physician.

A few simple numbers can determine a lot about your health and well-being. And to make positive lifestyle changes, you need to know where to start. During your screening, a health professional will collect measurements, including height, weight, blood pressure and waist circumference. A sample of your blood will be taken to determine your cholesterol and glucose levels, triglycerides and other factors that can lead to lifestyle-related health complications. The biometric screening does not test for illicit drugs, HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis. The results are not shared with your employer.

How You Benefit:

  • You get a personalized report highlighting your results from the screening.
  • You get an explanation of what your numbers mean and the healthy target ranges.
  • You’ll learn about areas for improvement and recommendations if needed.

Two Ways To Complete A Screening.

1. At onsite screening event.

Biometric screenings are held at different worksite locations throughout the state. To locate a screening event or to schedule an appointment, click the links below.

Read before you click to schedule!

  1. With over 500 sites the list of locations is long. Use the list of events above to first locate the name of your screening location. Then search for that name in the scheduling tool.
  2. You can schedule your screening appointment up to 10 business days before the event date. If a location has multiple dates within the same week, the appointment cuttoff is determined by the locations first screening date. After the 10-day appointment cutoff, that location will no longer appear in the Facility/Location drop down list. No additional appointments can be added.

Schedule an onsite screening appointment

2. With your physician.

The 2014 physician screening form is a form that your physician can complete with biometric results from your next wellness visit or annual physical exam. Download a 2014 Physician Screening Form by clicking the link on this page and print a copy to take with you to your doctor’s appointment. Make sure to follow the directions and mail your completed form to the return address listed or fax to the number as listed on the form.

Download your physician form here

Key Dates.

On site screening events will be offered at throughout the state between February 17, 2014 and September 30, 2014. Check for locations near you using the links on this page. Please note this schedule will be updated as additional locations are confirmed. All signed physician forms must be dated and received prior to 4:30 pm ET December 31, 2014 to qualify towards the HRA dollars.

Earn Rewards.

You and your covered spouse are eligible to receive $240 in HRA dollars once you complete your screening and complete your Well-Being Assessment. For more information about your incentives, click here.