Become a Well-Being Ambassador

What would you say if someone told you that you could potentially influence 1,000 people or more? Powerful thought, isn’t it? It’s also possible.

As one of our Well-Being Ambassadors, your energy, experience and example can help start something positive with one person, then another, and another, motivating them to practice and master healthier habits in ways that are meaningful and fun.

Would you like to become a Wellness Champion for SHBP members in the Be Well SHBP program? If so, apply now and tell us why. We want to hear your story. We’re not looking for perfection. You don’t have to be an athlete, eat right all the time or be at an ideal weight to join the team of Ambassadors. Instead, we want people from diverse backgrounds to lead the charge – people who are passionate about good health and well-being for themselves and others. We welcome those who are currently making healthy changes for themselves or who have reached even a small personal goal and are trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle.