Who’s eligible?

Are you making the most of the Be Well SHBP program? Check the chart below to make sure you are using all the tools and resources available to help you on your well-being journey.

Be Well SHBP Resources BCBSGa
or UnitedHealthcare
or UnitedHealthcare
or UnitedHealthcare
Dependent 18+
Incentives x x
Well-Being Assessment (WBA) x x x
Well-Being Plan x x x
Well-Being Connect x x x
Biometric Screenings x x
Physician Screening Form x x
Telephonic Coaching x x x
Online Coaching x x x
QuitNet Tobacco Cessation Program x x x
Well-Being Connect Mobile App x x x
Wellness Challenges and Activities x x x

*The Be Well SHBP program does not apply to Kaiser Permanente or the Medicare Advantage Options.