Q: How can I participate in a Biometric Screening?


There are two ways to participate in a screening:


Screenings will be conducted conveniently and privately at authorized SHBP worksite locations throughout the state from February 2017, through September 2017. You can schedule your screening appointment up to 10 business days before the event date. Schedule an SHBP-sponsored onsite screening appointment Option 2:  WORK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN: If you prefer, you may also work directly with your physician. To download the 2017 Physician Screening Form, click here and follow the instructions on the form. Download your Physician Screening Form here

Q: What happens during the SHBP-sponsored screening event?


During the screening, a health professional will collect measurements, including height and weight. A sample of your blood will be collected to determine your cholesterol and glucose levels, triglycerides and other factors that can lead to lifestyle-related health complications. The screening does not test for illicit drugs, HIV/AIDS or hepatitis.

  • You will get a personalized report highlighting your screening results
  • You get a detailed explanation of what your numbers may mean and the healthy target ranges
  • You will learn about areas for improvement and recommendations if needed

Q: Why should I participate?


Because some risk factors may have no symptoms, you could be at risk without even knowing it. A biometric screening will help you to understand the current state of your well-being so you can take the necessary steps to improve it. All SHBP members and covered spouses covered by BCBSGa or UnitedHealthcare (non-Medicare Advantage) who complete a screening and complete their 2017 Healthways Well-Being Assessment™(WBA) are eligible to earn 240 well-being incentive credits. You must complete your WBA before well-being incentive credits will be awarded. Dependents are not eligible to participate in the biometric screening portion of the Be Well SHBP well-being program and will not be eligible for the incentive.

Q: How much does it cost?


There is no cost to SHBP members or covered spouses for participating in a SHBP-sponsored screening event or for a screening through their physician as long as the screening is completed as part of a preventive visit with an in-network physician and properly coded as preventive. If you have your screening completed at the same time you receive other medical services or treatments (for example, a sick visit), you may have to pay co-insurance/co-pay.

Q: Who administers the SHBP-sponsored screening events?


The screening is administered by Healthways. Healthways protects the confidentiality of your information in compliance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and applicable state laws.

Q: How do I sign up for a SHBP-sponsored screening event?


Click here to locate a SHBP-sponsored screening event or to schedule an appointment. Note: You must schedule your screening appointment at least 10 business days before the event date. If a location has multiple dates within the same week, the appointment cutoff is determined by the location’s first screening date. After the 10-day appointment cutoff, that location will no longer appear in the Facility/Location drop down list. No additional appointments can be added.

Q: How do I prepare for the screening?


Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your screening:

  • Although not required, we recommend fasting for at least nine (9) hours; this includes all food and drinks except for water. Failure to properly fast may result in inaccurate blood test results. (If you have a health condition, such as diabetes or pregnancy, or any other medical concerns, consult a doctor before fasting)
  • Drink plenty of water, which makes it easier to give a sample of your blood
  • Continue taking medication as prescribed the day of your screening*
  • Arrive five minutes early to register and allow about 15 minutes to complete the process

*Follow your doctor’s instructions for taking your medications, including taking them with food if necessary.

Q: I don’t see my biometrics results posted in Well-Being Connect?


It can take between 2-4 weeks before you will see your results populated within the Well-Being Connect website and in your Well-Being Plan. If you used a 2017 Physician Screening Form it is also dependent on when your physician’s office faxes the results to Healthways.

Q: I am a Kaiser Permanente (KP) member. Can I participate in a screening?


You are NOT eligible to participate in 2017 SHBP-sponsored onsite screenings provided by Healthways and their screening vendor, Hooper Holmes. KP is offering screenings separately. The KP screenings will be strictly for KP members. All Be Well SHBP program resources and incentives administered by Healthways are only available to non-Medicare Advantage BCBSGa and UnitedHealthcare members. For questions, contact KP member services at 855-512-5997 or visit www.my.kp.org/shbp.

Q: Will I be penalized for my biometric screening results?


You will not be penalized. No matter the outcome of the screening, you will still be able to decide if you wish to take action.

Q: How do I obtain and/or submit my 2017 Physician Screening Form?


Click the button below to download a 2017 Physician Screening Form and follow the instructions on the form for submission. Download your physician form here

Q: Can I get credit for lab work done in late 2016 if my Physician uses a 2017 Physician Screening Form?


No. All 2017 participants are required to complete a biometric screening in 2017 to earn well-being incentive credits. The screening must be completed between January 1 and December 15, 2017.

Q: Is there a deadline?


SHBP-sponsored screening events will be offered throughout Georgia between February 2017 and September 2017. Check for locations near you. All 2017 Physician Screening Forms must be signed, dated and submitted to Healthways by December 15, 2017, to qualify towards the incentive.