Track your journey.

Keep tabs on your healthy habits using trackers in the Healthways Well-Being Connect online portal. Record your exercise, steps, weight, food servings and more with online trackers. To start using the online trackers, you will first need to complete your Healthways Well-Being Assessment™ and create your Well-Being Plan. You will choose three Focus Areas that match your health priorities, or you can select those suggested in your Well-Being Assessment. This takes less than 20 minutes to complete. Login now to begin using the online tools.

WBA + same tracker five times in a calendar month = 40 well-being incentive credits
(You can do this six times in the calendar year to earn up to 240 credits.)

Trackers that qualify:

  • steps
  • weight
  • exercise
  • servings
  • food
  • tobacco usage
  • medication adherence
  • personal goal

These aren’t trackers but they count just like the trackers above to earn your well-being incentive credits:

  • Entries in your journal
  • Completing Well-Being Plan action items.

Get a reminder.

Tracker offers the option to set up a reminder email to help you remember to track. You choose how often and when.

Start using trackers