Get a Healthways Well-Being Coach.

Give phone coaching a try. Healthways well-being coaches are health care professionals who will meet with you over the phone for quick 10-15 minute sessions every four-six weeks to offer guidance and encouragement. Earn 60 well-being incentive credits for completing one coaching call in a calendar month. (You can do this four times in the plan year to earn up to 240 credits.)

WBA + one well-being coaching call in a calendar month = 60 well-being incentive credit

Find healthy answers and encouragement. Eat better. Lose weight. Stress less. Quit tobacco. Get active. Feel happier.

Most of us would really like the chance to change something about our lifestyle. And, sometimes, just having extra support from someone who knows what you’re going through can be reassuring. Whether you’re setting goals to lose weight, stop smoking, or manage stress, a Healthways well-being coach can help.

How you benefit:

  • Your coaching team includes exercise physiologists, health educators, registered dietitians, and other health care professionals
  • You get personal one-on-one guidance
  • Get guidance in setting realistic goals and strategies for gaining more control over your health
  • Get referrals to other services that might be helpful, such as diet, exercise, and nutrition
  • You earn well-being incentive credits for participation in just four calls

Call 888-616-6411 to enroll

Download the brochure to learn more

What about Health Coaching from my Health Plan?

You can participate in the Healthways Well-Being Coaching program in addition to Health Coaching offered through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia or UnitedHealthcare. Healthways well-being coaching focuses on lifestyle changes, while your Health Plan Coaching provides you the option to coach with a Nurse to help you manage a chronic health condition. Only Healthways Well-Being Coaching helps you earn 240 well-being incentive credits.

Maximize Your Rewards.

Participation in the Healthways phone coaching and completion of your 2017 Healthways Well-Being Assessment earn you 240 well-being incentive credits. Be sure to also complete the biometric screening to earn another 240 well-being incentive credits for a total of 480. Don’t forget, your covered spouse is also eligible to earn these same incentives. That’s 960 well-being incentive credits per household.