Do more for your well-being.

Take the Healthways Well-Being Assessment™ (WBA).

When you feel good, everything can seem a little better. And because your well-being can change quickly, your Be Well SHBP program connects you to the Healthways Well-Being Assessment™ (WBA) to help you see where you are. It’s a simple, confidential questionnaire that looks at your lifestyle habits and current health to see what may be helping or hurting your overall well-being. Simply answer a few focused questions and get instant feedback in your Well-Being Report, including suggested ways to take your well-being right where it should be. Up. Happy. It’s all about helping the “total you”– body, emotions, spirit, your work life and lifestyle – stay balanced.

WBA + Biometric Screening = 240 well-being incentive credits
WBA + Phone Coaching or Online Tracking = 240 well-being incentive credits

Create Your Well-Being Plan

After completing the Well-Being Assessment, you will create a personalized summary of your overall well-being that offers actionable steps you can take to improve your well-being. Each plan is specific to you with recommendations and focus areas to keep you motivated and on track. You may receive fitness, nutrition, and stress management plans that promote healthy behaviors to help you reach your healthy best.

Earn Rewards

You and your covered spouse can each earn up to 480 well-being incentive credits just by participating in the Be Well SHBP Program. Click here to learn more about rewards. And when you are ready to start earning, your first step is to take your WBA. Click here to log in to Well-Being Connect and start your WBA now.

Key Dates

To qualify for well-being incentives, you must complete the WBA between January 1, 2017 and December 15, 2017.


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