Tell me more about Well-Being Connect™.

Healthways provides Well-Being Connect™, a guided online website that provides you personalized resources designed to inspire improved health and well-being. This convenient, powerful website provides a variety of tools and resources to improve or maintain your health and well-being.

Well-Being Connect™ Overview


  • Evaluate your overall lifestyle, health, and well-being using a confidential questionnaire called the Healthways Well-Being Assessment™ (WBA).
  • Get a customized Well-Being Plan targeted to help you meet your personal well-being goals.
  • Get a self-guided online coaching experience when you choose three Focus Areas that match your health priorities, or those suggested in your WBA report along with the recommended trackers, articles and other tools.
  • Access articles, videos, recipes, and more to support your health and well-being goals.
  • Find motivational tips and tools to keep you on track.
  • Record daily behaviors and see progress for weight, exercise, medication, tobacco use, healthy eating and more using online trackers. Share your experiences within the Well-Being Connect community or on Facebook.
  • Join chatter sessions, update group activities, share personal stories, tips and successes—even share on Facebook.
  • See incentives earned through the Be Well SHBP program.

Download Well-Being Connect Resources and Tools Flyer

Earn Rewards

Remember, you and your covered spouse are eligible to receive well-being incentive credits when you complete the Well-Being Assessment and record online activities.  For more information on well-being incentive credits, click here. Or login to the Well-Being Connect portal and get started earning

WBA + same tracker five times in a calendar month = 40 well-being incentive credits
(You can do this six times in the calendar year to earn up to 240 credits.)

Well-Being Connect Mobile App

Download this mobile app to help you stay connected to your Well-Being Connect resources on-the-go. Works with iPhone®, iPod® Touch and Android™ platforms.

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